Tuesday, August 31, 2010

all about love

went to see a hk local movie "all about love" with a friend today. it's interesting to see the subject of homosexuality and bisexuality being openly discussed and displayed, and was given the chance to become a mainstream movie nowadays. many puns and jokes intended, and there are many notions being touched on as well (single mom, feminism, discrimination, sexuality, nostalgia) of which I think they are trying a bit too hard to have so much included in a short film but i guess the ultimate takeaway I have is that commitment exists in all kind of relationships. well, at least that's my take of it. so don't judge. something interests me even better from the movie is the costume styling in the movie. whoever did it has done a great job! I am not able to find any more pictures released by the movie except these 2 here so you may not be able to appreciate the styling work as much. but you may check out their youtube trailer. 

vivian chau & sandra ng

and by the way, my outfit today

vest maxi dress: 6 pence @ ARK; cotton cardigan: T by Alexander Wang; belt: Hermès; oxfords: made to order

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