Thursday, August 26, 2010

ARK @ Lei See

I'm a hk girl and seldom cross the harbour to the kowloon side but an aimless wander yesterday brought me to "Lei See". Rise Commercial Bldg ("Lei See") is a shopping mall on granville road which houses a lot of local designer names and interesting japanese & korean fashion. there are probably over 80 small boutiques owned by individuals inside the building. ARK is located on the 3rd floor (shop 30).  they carry mostly korean labels and some from the u.s. and europe. on my first visit, I've picked up quite a few pieces after just a short 20-mins stay. range is broad but mostly the style is edgily futuristic and vintage inspired. contradicting? yes. but who cares so long you can find something to your likes! my choice - tank top with a scarf-like piece attached from the neckline along the sides can be worn in a number of ways: tied, untied or belted. what a price buster!

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