Tuesday, August 17, 2010

vintage hunt: classic Celine

silk shirt: Zara; tweed skirt: made to order;
bag: Celine; shoes: Jimmy Choo
I'm a big fan of vintage whatever so thrifting is officially one of my hobbies. but luxury items are sometimes hard to thrift by. solution? auction sites. I love eBay and many other vintage shopping sites. Who wouldn't when you can get your hands on items that you could have missed to buy or something that's not available in your country or even your era?

I recently got this Celine bag from eBay and it was under a search of "vintage Celine". it shares a similar look of the recent Celine Classic Box bag. Structured and clean shaped, the strap on this one can be worn shorter as a clutch or longer as a shoulder bag. I understand all the hype about the latest Celine Classic but having the exact one doesn't gravitate me as much as owning a piece of the real classic. off I go with my next hunt.

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