Saturday, August 21, 2010

walking in MBT on cloud 9

my take on how to wear the MBT, what do you think?

getting my mail - sequined top: Stella McCartney;
leggings: American Apparel;
shoes: MBT Kisumu

I am late to the MBT trend for a reason. I have been putting them off cuz let's admit, they don't have the nicest appeal at first glance. at second and third, nah...still not buying. only recently all the health advantages (more like the myth about butt busting) these anti-shoes claimed got me finally to give them a try. once put on, I'm hooked. it's like walking on a set of springs which make me bounce, bounce, bounce! until I see the result, I'm already happy with how they make my soles feel.

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