Wednesday, September 1, 2010

chapel' - local breed

chapel' flagship store at TST

chapel' ( is a local hk fashion brand which creates their stuff from sketch to finish. literally from sketch becuz from design to fabric sourcing, production and retail marketing, they own the whole production line. from an article I read about half year ago, the founder was interviewed for his success with his venture and his goal was to become the local H&M or Topshop. i.e. high stock turnover with new designs coming in every few days at an even friendlier price point. way to go with affordable fashion! I paid my first visit today and was pleasantly surprised by both the nice shop layout and the extensive collection they carry. not only do they have womenswear and menswear (each department has their own shop), they also have hundreds of jewelries, accessories, nightwear and footwear to choose from, it looks like they are building a lifestyle store ultimately. top / tee starts from hk$80 (usd10) and a dress / shirt at hkd160 (usd20). the designs and cuts are more than decent for that price. I picked up the tee below and another basic black one.  the shorts below is also today's purchase from a korean brand. more to share about my views on korean fashion in the next post.

the cutting is simply a rectangle with an opening, look how it fits like a pillow case

grey tee: chapel'; sweat shorts with leather waistband from love brunch @ lei see

love the back with the leather lined pockets

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