Tuesday, September 21, 2010

go with the Flow~

Flow is an interesting bookshop selling second hand books in Central. tucked away upstairs on the second and third floor of an old building on Lyndhurst Terrace, Flow is nothing like the bookstore chains but very unique. books are stuffed from floor to ceiling, wall to wall and multiple shelves in between, one could easily kill an afternoon here. owner is trying to give a bit of categorization and sorting but there are simply TOO many books, many more are left stacked on the floor or in bags. patience is required during the treasure hunt.

great place to find discontinued or out of print books. owner Surdham can help with sourcing books on the subject you're after and give alert once they are in. collecting the books and re-circulating them personally, Surdham is happy to share beautiful stories behind the books in his shop with you anytime. quoting from Flow's facebook - "between buy and sell, we flow. and, always, flow with u. life, flowagain."

I had a great time there today browsing and searching for some vintage clothing and jewelry design books : )

find Flow at: 1st Floor, 40 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong Opening Hours: Mon to Sun - Noon until 7:30pm 

Flow's facebook: www.facebook.com/flowbookshop

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