Thursday, September 2, 2010

korean fashion

korean fashion is now hugely influencing hk young people like japanese fashion did in the past few decades, inspiring us to more diverse street styles. browsing through the many boutiques in the main shopping areas for high street fashion, one will see shops change their merchandises and line of products largely or even entirely to selling korean items. individual fashion boutique owners had been getting their products mainly from china, japan or europe before, but from what I know, a lot of them are sourcing directly from korea now. perk is korean apparels are generally rather inexpensive : )

korean fashion trends are hugely driven by k-pop culture and popstars. I'm outlining a few easily spotted styles below, they are just my observation and hopefully you'll agree:

1. girlie girl, sugar-coated princess - airbrushed aesthetics, perfect cuteness, wear the innocent look

2. fiercely cool, edgy divas - form-fitting clothes, towering shoes, dyed hair and lots of kohl on eyes

3. androgynous, unisex appeal - not all the way a boy or a girl, boys wearing makeup, girls in menswear

photo credits: elle girl & vogue girl korea

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