Monday, September 6, 2010

maxi craze

me liking and working the maxi trend

front - cardigan: T by Alexander Wang; cotton maxi dress: Zara;
bag: H&M


in hotel room
the dress comes with a thin suede belt which gives definition to the waist

spent a couple of days with family in Xiamen. it's a city I've never visited before but was told about the speedy development which happened to it over the last few years. but guess that goes the same with many major and secondary cities in china. what's interesting was on my little day trip to a tiny island just five minutes by ferry ride away from the downtown area, I found history and memories preserved and remembered.  Gulangyu island, also known as the "piano island", can only be experienced and travelled on foot. with its colonial past, there were once 13 embassies located on this tiny island, hence all the westernized architecture and building structures. I'm sharing some pics I've taken both of the island and Xiamen here.

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