Thursday, October 28, 2010

asian *street models oct 2010

let's take a look at the models from the street this month. I've always had a feeling that street snaps are not done well enough in Asia and does no justice to the many stylish people in this part of the world. probably becuz street snaps is are still a rather new concept here. found a few good ones in China to share with you.

Grazia China is holding Style Hunter Awards now from oct to nov among 12 cities in China to search for some of the most fashionable street muses and heros. contestants are judged by the public by casting votes to their favorite snaps on the website.  some of the better shots below. way to go with publications starting to pushing it forward.

see more of Grazia China Style Hunter Awards

Stylites - an american who did the first shot of street snap 4 years back and later became one of the famed street fashion photographer / editor / contributor of major fashion publications in China, Nels Frye did the right kind of street snaps through his aesthetic vision in my opinion. characters of the models are captured du moment.

check out Frye's site at:

Voguemate - an online style community, shares lots of resemblance with on the interface, is gaining much awareness and publicity in China. founded by Sam (a software engineer), later joined force by Aeccrnticgirl (a fashion blogger) and Miss 66 (a fashion designer), they all have a new vision of doing more than just a lookbook of fashion mix and match. new features are added such as members can vote for each other for their outfit posts, interviews of the members and community activities.

visit Voguemate at:

Eye-Store - a street style site launched about a year ago showcasing snaps mainly taken from Guangzhou, Shenzhen in China and Hong Kong. founders 林宝 & 肯尼 took good quality pictures with a feeling of The Sartorialist, which sets themselves apart from most of street snaps in China. 

check out the street models on Eye-Store at:

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