Monday, October 4, 2010

catch your chance - back in stock!

I love love love Topshop and it's pretty obvious from the many mentions in my posts. shopping online is the only way I can get my hands on Topshop items since they still don't have a store opening in Hong Kong (i.e. Topshop I hope you can hear me out). with the very fast inventory turnover, both in store and online, our favorite items could be gone in a matter of days or hours. what I like about Topshop is things could get back in stock and give us a second chance! I have a habit of going straight to "back in stock"for each category once I've finished browsing all the new items. so for those who are new to shopping Topshop online, here's my two cents.

this shirt is what I won from the "back in stock" rack. I thought it says it's oversized so didn't think of getting it one size up. I wish I got it in bigger though.

lace trim back oversized shirt

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