Friday, October 1, 2010

Clara Chung music

my youtube browsing brought me to Clara Chung (aka Clara C) in the music world. and her world has been quite private until recent year that she began to share her music with everyone on her youtube channel (ClaraC Music). a singer-songwriter, clara's tunes are easy listen to and very soothing. she also did some interesting covers of some all time favorites by Coldplay & Owl City. clara sings professionally now and just recently she landed on an album deal. a talented korean american young singer, clara is at the tender age of 22 and just recently graduated from UC Irvine. not only vocally gifted, she plays a wide range of musical instruments and has collaborated with many equally talented asian american musicians - Sam Ock, Jason Yang, Jay Park, Jonathan Park (aka Dumbfoundead) and Alexander Hwang to name a few.

like both the interpretation of clara and how she appears in this video. a cover of "clocks" by Coldplay.

listen to clara at:
clara's facebook:

my tribute to the tick-tock eyes in her "clocks" video - haha!

acid jeans with white keds after movie in elements

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