Thursday, October 28, 2010

the star, the sun & the moon

it all begins from the star then it expands into the moon and the sun. Wanchai Star street precinct (consists of Star street, Moon street, Sun street and Wing Fung street and their adjacent lanes) in Hong Kong is an interesting lifestyle community, it belongs to one of the oldest heritage trail with a history dated back from 1800s. it was also once a power plant of Hongkong Electric. nowadays the precinct has become an emerging dining and artistic area filled with cafes, restaurants, bars, spas, art galleries and lifestyle, home design shops. The renowned Monocle has also chosen Star street for its second store in Asia outside of Japan.

I went to pay a visit of the cultural area some weeks ago and re-discovered some interesting shops. a very tranquil space amongst the streets during the day, the precinct turned into a bustling, vibrate sphere at night. you'll find very ancient old low-rise residential buildings on one side and next, when you turned onto the corner of the street, you'll see the most modern office building (Three Pacific Place) right in front of you. thanks to the creative and free-thinking residents, expats and business owners in the neighborhood, they have shaped the area into a blend of old and new, stylish hub of fashion and food outlets.

Kapok - owner Arnault is a frenchman who showcased products (from apparel to accessories, home decor and design items) from small, unique companies which are not available in HK. a nice little shop with a wide range of interesting gems. products came from around the globe and are handpicked finds by the owner himself as well as homegrown designers in HK and Asia. I got some Happy Socks (Sweden) and a pair of satin ballet maryjanes from Marais (USA) that day. Kapok also carries Daydream Nation (founded by HK siblings duo-designers) which received Vogue Italia "Vogue Talent 2010" award. a must comeback destination.

Happy Socks from Sweden
Marais ballet maryjanes  from USA

feature of Marais shoes from Kapok's blog at: Marais 

find Kapok at: G/F, 5 St Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong

find Kapok cafe at: G/F, 3 Sun street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Kapok's online shop & they ship internationally:

Happy Socks online shop:

find Monocle at: Shop 1, U/G, Bo Fung Mansion, 1-4 St Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong

local designer / seamster Kei's shop Creature de Keis | Blouseripped is located at G/F, 3 Hoover Tower, 15 St Francis street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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