Wednesday, November 3, 2010

childhood reminiscence

a retrospective trip down the memory lane today around Elgin Street and about. ever thought about finding your favorite candies and sweets from childhood these days? the bubble gum, the popping candy, and the miniature cola bottle candy? just when you thought they all have been discontinued and can never be found again, I ran into a roadside candy stall and it brought the biggest smile to my face.

Feel Happy HK - roadside candy & toy stall. filled with nostalgia of the bygone times. the shop is housed in a little red shack (鐵皮屋) on a hilly slope. opened in april this year, the candy stall is actually an extension of the Feel Happy HK upstairs shop founded by Vincent AY, a local hk design artist. the upstairs shop sells retro vintage junks and decor items. Bobo, partner to Vincent, operates the candy stall.

both are huge supporters of products "made in Hong Kong", especially from 60s, 70s. they are going to hold a collection of exhibitions later this month on retro Hong Kong symbolic icons - "Hung Bakk Naam" (Red White Man).

I did use this kind of rubbers in my childhood

I got a jumbo pack of toy + candies. one of my favorite as a child was the "ring candy". I need to think of how to dress my doll.

find Feel Happy HK candy stall at: roadside of no. 6 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong (intersect at Hollywood Road)

find out more about "Hung Baak Naam" exhibitions & feel the happiness of Feel Happy HK by joining their facebook at: Feelhappyhk

the group also did a bunch of retro-styled wedding portraits for couples, pretty fun. find out more from their fb album.

Leaf Dessert - named as one of Hong Kong's best Dai Pai Dong (大排檔) by Time Out magazine HK. it's been a loooong time (years!!) since I last ate at Leaf Dessert. for those who are not familiar with dai pai dong, it means outdoor eatery, like a hawker food stall on the street. whoever is left in the market are the rare fighters as the government is no longer renewing the licenses and will not allow newcomers. so eating at a dai pai dong is also a retro experience.

right across from Feel Happy HK candy stall, you'll find Leaf Dessert with its extended roof shade. famous for their chinese desserts, I enjoyed a bowl of green bean soup (signature) by myself and felt very satisfied. they also serve soup noodles throughout the day.

find Leaf Dessert at: No. 2 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

Vintage HK - I popped into the shop today as I was told they have new (in this case, old) stock of accessories coming in. a vintage gem if you're a vintage lover. the little shop has all kinds of old things one can imagine: clothing, accessories, shoes, household items, cameras, telephones, things of random coolness. one of the first vintage shops started in HK, they started out on Lamma island and later moved to its current location in Central. you may also snap up some nice condition designer brands once in a while. they also sell new products with retro chinese themes. consignment of selling you stuff there is available. I like going there to pick up accessories.

I got a cuff bracelet and two vintage rings today.

what a packaging!

love the right one, it's from the 50s.

find Vintage HK at: 57-59 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

they have a fb page at: Vintage HK

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