Tuesday, November 2, 2010

how did u spend ur halloween?

projection of MJ's Thriller

hi little miss spider

it's graveyard shift again, I don't exactly like this job...

Uncle McDonald enjoys a beer

"dad, they can tell you're not japanese..."

cool trio

being fat won't scare us

bin laden posed with a gun

pretty witch in red lipstick

best in mood. she actually looked a bit creepy...

how did you spend your halloween? my day was perfectly spent in discovery bay (DB). it was such a loverly day with the cool weather with the sun out. by night, DB became crowded and haunted with all the evil / holy, pretty / ugly, inspiring and downright funny characters loomed out on the streets. I bet halloween is one of the busiest days in DB in a year. Headline Drive was even better than the halloween bash at Ocean Park! my family and I had so much fun!

I never dressed in costume for halloween so my outfit for the day was not intentional to go with the spirit. hopefully the fang-like studs on my sweater made it a passable costume. 

sweater with fang studs: Daydream Nation;
brown sweater: Vanessa Bruno; jeans: Bershka

the sea by day

DB deck by night, so beautiful!

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