Friday, November 5, 2010

MAC - A Tartan Tale holiday brush collection

holiday collection season begins. many cosmetic brands are launching holiday special collections. to name a few Clinique, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Paul & Joe, NARS... 
when a lot of people are still longing to get a piece from the MAC Venomous Villians Collection for Disney (btw, they are sold out like hot cakes everywhere), the new Tartan Tale collection is out to tempt us more. 

this collection is quite big as there are many items to choose from: many eyeshadow palettes, lip & face kits, pigment & brush sets. and many colors are popular limited edition ones repromoted from previous years. while not everything is available in MAC Hong Kong yet, one of the more valuable buy I think, and as confirmed by the MAC makeup artist who helped me, is the brush sets.  

to be honest, it was known that brushes in collection sets are not exactly the same quality as the regular brushes from the brand. and it is reasonable to expect less quality since they are sold at a whopping good price. so I was not expecting to buy a brush set when I was browsing the collection until I feel the texture of the brushes...I was truly impressed! the animal-hair ones are very soft and firm, they are just as good as their bigger regular versions. sharing comments with the MAC makeup artist, she told me there are many comments and reviews done among customers and the artists about the quality of the brush collections and slowly the company is upgrading the brush quality to meet the requests. 

a little tip from the MAC makeup artist, the Sweep Me Off My Feet set (at US$49.50 / HK$520 contains 129SE, 190SE, 227SE, 212SE, 275SE) has all the same quality brushes as the regular ones. so I must not miss them!

it comes with a practical and beautiful tartan bag, what a value buy!

Sweep Me Off My Feet brush sets contains the essential 5

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