Friday, November 26, 2010

Shanghai - Hongkou & The Bund

Hongkou (虹口區) is an old district in Shanghai and one of the oldest structures around is the former slaughterhouse turned design / lifestyle / learning center - 1933. newly restored, yet remaining the original abattoir use of space, 1933 represents one of the best Shanghai 20th century Art Deco design tradition. the main structure is a 4-story maze with interlocking ramps and bridges (cattle roads), chambers with geometric detailing and twisted corridors. I got there in the late afternoon and it was getting dark. the lower level and basement chambers were not lit, walking inside could send chills down my spine... but honestly, the visual impact the structure gave was very impressive. that's why a lot of major commercial events were held there: Swarovski, Porsche, Ferrari, Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

the circular glass ceiling which is also the floor of the "glass stage".
it can support the weight of a car, I tried walking on it, scary!

shops and restaurants on the outer circular

walking along the cattle road

the best Shanghainese beef noodle

locomotive outside 1933

see what I mean by scary?

to appreciate the architectural beauty better, some images of 1933 in day light:

address: no. 611, Liyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai (Haining Road junction)

more about 1933:

I finished my day with a drink before dinner at the Peace Hotel (和平飯店) on the Bund (外灘). just been renovated and reopened in Jun this year, the Peace hotel has once again become one of the highlights of the city. the bygone era of old Shanghai is vividly invoked with the 15m tinted glass skylight at the atrium.

Victor's at Peace Hotel

address: no. 20, The Bund, Shanghai

dinner at Lan Club Shanghai - a four-story baroque building on Guangdong Road (within the Bund area) putting restaurant, lounge and bar under one roof. famed as one of the most premium places to be since its opening in 08, created by top international interior designers Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier (apprentices of Philippe Starck), the decor is stylish western interpretation of the Chinese elements. I had Sichuan / Shanghainese food there that night, the food was pretty good and I would deem them as fusion Chinese since the presentation was very innovative, not traditional at all!

hit Bund 18 before dinner

colorful plate at Lan Shanghai

entree 1
entree 2

one of the main courses - spicy pork ribs (bridge), huge!

O_Supper Club on 2nd floor where I dined

on the gound level is the Live Bar, Club Room and Cocktail Lounge which turn into a hip club after dinner time. second floor is the Chinese restaurant O_Supper Club offering a range of Sichuan and Cantonese cuisines. there are 12 differently designed private dinning rooms located on the third floor serving Chinese food. Papillon is the renowned Michelin-star French fine-dining restaurant on the fourth floor. the Garden Lounge locates the stunning natural device of a plant wall of Papillon. La Terrace is the rooftop cafe for drinks or barbeque.

Lan Club exterior

ground level - Cocktail Lounge
third floor - banquet room

fourth floor corridor

private room


the plant wall

rooftop terrace

address: no. 102 Guangdong Road, Huang Pu District, Shanghai


facebook: Lan Club Shanghai

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