Monday, November 29, 2010

Shanghai - Huangpu & Pudong

my last day in Shanghai and I decided to do something very touristy and artsy and both can be done in the same district of Huangpu (黄浦).

Yu Yuan (豫園) is one of the oldest and finest Chinese gardens in Shanghai built about 400 years ago in Ming Dynasty. people go there to see the traditional buildings in Suzhou style and Chinese garden landscaping, others go there for the bazaar and local eats. I went there just because it's such a kitschy thing to do and it could sometimes be fun. as expected, towards the end of the World Expo, Shanghai was filled with tourists from all over China and the rest of the world, and apparently, there were crowds at every tourist attraction. being a Hong Konger, I am used to crowds but even that I couldn't cope with the magnitude of them at Yu Yuan.

all the mayhem caused by the famous soup bun

a popular tourist attraction for street eats and local specialistis

drinking tea at the famous Huxinting teahouse in the center of the pond

view from second floor of the teahouse - lots of people, lots of them...

read more about Yu Yuan on wiki: Yu Yuan

Shanghai Art Museum (上海美術館) is located in a former clubhouse building of Shanghai Racing Club next to the People's Square (人民廣場), which was once the Shanghai racing course. the art museum, being the perpetual home to Shanghai Biennial, is a beautiful stone building partially covered in ivy.

it came to the 8th year of the Biennial and I was lucky enough to be going on this trip at the right time. there are 70 artists from about 23 countries participating this year and the theme is urbanization and the probable solutions to the problems it presents through the eyes of the artists.

here's a video of some of the works and the end of the clip was taken at People's Square. it's a serene, beautiful park in the heart of the city where MOCA Shanghai is located. highly recommend for a visit.

Shanghai Biennial opens through Feb 28, 2010, find out more at: Shanghai Biennial

visit MOCA Shanghai at:

my final stop was Pudong (浦東), the relatively new area also known as "the other shore" of the Huangpu river, for the best Huaiyang food (淮揚菜) I've tasted so far in Shanghai. Jade Mansion is located on the 4th floor of IFC Mall. excellent taste of food, presentation, decor, ambience and service! what a wonderful way to end my journey : )

reserve your table at Jade Mansion next time you're in Shanghai?  Jade Mansion

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