Monday, November 22, 2010

Shanghai - Xin Tian Di & Tianzifang

Shanghai, Shanghai - random pics taken at the popular Xin Tian Di (新天地). crowned as the City's Living Room and one of the earlier restoration districts by converting old Shikumen (石庫門 - stone gate) neighborhood into a chic, affluent entertainment, shopping and dining area. even though it's a bit touristy, I'm still drawn by the modern interior / antique exterior architectural combination of the buildings there every time I visit. btw, the I.T store there is pretty impressive in terms of size (two-stories) and designer labels they carry (got a feeling they have a wider range there). they also offer household and lifestyle products : )

read more about Xin Tian Di at:

when real shopping may not be done at Xin Tian Di, my next stop is definitely a gem for shopping in Shanghai - Tianzhifang (田子坊) / Taikang Lu (泰康路).

the wonderful Toygu shop - d.i.y your own china baby

my first time stepping into Tianzifang, reminds me of Le Marais of Paris. sprawling over 20,000 m², Tianzifang is a matrix of small lanes lined with little shops, art galleries, cafes...housing over 100 enterprises. it is a fun sweet spot to spend a good few hours browsing through interesting local designs, photography and lifestyle goods. 

ToyGu (谷玩) à Shanghai - the shop you must not miss just a few steps through the stone arc of Tianzifang, the main entrance, so to speak. ToyGu was found a few years back by Gu Wei and friends. Gu Wei spent much time studying architecture and living in Paris and he brought back to China the nouveau lifestyle through the living experience of a tiny porcelain doll. Peas (豆豆) as they are called, are white porcelain dolls without any expressions and colors. like Bearbrick, owners of the dolls will use their own creativity to design and dress them with color markers. I bought Mr. Good (先生) and he is still waiting for me to dress him.

Mr. Good

ToyGu is about life style. visit their website to see the many activities of blogging, world travel, music, wedding and e-commerce:

play graffiti online:

explore more shops at Tianzifang: Master shopper: The best of Taikang Lu's Tianzifang

fashion shopping is better done outside of Tianzifang on Taikang Lu. One to see is:

Choichangho, the korean-born designer known for simplicity and comfortable tailoring opened Shion at no. 13, Taikang Lu. Choichangho FW 09/10



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