Monday, December 13, 2010

deTour 2010 - Victoria Prison

the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design (AoD) picked an unexpected venue to host this year's DETOUR - the historic Victoria Prison at Old Bailey Street. DETOUR is an annual flagship program of the AoD to showcase HK's regional creative force from the young and emerging creative talents. the activities and events engage the wider community and aims to bring the lives of people into creative ventures, cultural sharing and art appreciation. this year, they have done cross-cultural design exchange with Japanese designers to take on a series of installation at the anchor site.

the exhibition lasted for two weeks and I visited it on the second day, and they were still adding final touches to some of the installations. I had a great time taking a tour inside the old prison by myself. the choice of the prison is really out of the box as it presents the gradable antonym of physical confinement and liberating imagination. built in 1841, Victoria Prison was HK's first prison - a testimony to the evolution of HK's correctional services. it ceased operation in 2005 and is now a declared monument of HK. together with the Central Police Station, the compound is over 10,000 sq.ft.

review all the inspiring activities at DETOUR's fb: DETOUR 2010

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