Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lanvin x H&M - all you can grab in 5 mins

I was pondering if I should bother to make a post of the already overly publicized Lanvin x H&M collection since everyone in town (I'm pretty sure) including those who are not even into fashion would have seen, heard or worn the designs in the last couple of days. staffers at my yoga center, nurses at my chiropractor's office and random customer of my manicurist who I happened to be sitting next to were all raving about it. they were all amazed over my possession of a few pieces of the collection without going through any of the cruel means of pulling an all-nighter camping on the street or paying a ridiculously marked up price to the resellers who were doing their trades right outside of the store.

all these involves work AND... a bit of luck. I obediently went to the shop on the launch date of Nov 23. got there around 11:15 am and immediately realized I would stand no chance, none! to buy any of the collection since all the color wristbands were given out in the first 30 mins by 6:30 am. people with bracelets were crowding to get into the "ring" (the area where the collection was) for their designated time slots to shop. but there were of course a lot of wishful thinkers like myself waiting on the sidelines for nothing, hoping maybe for once the security guards there would somehow let some of us slip in. that never happened. what happened was the staffers started to announce there would be some sort of special arrangement for those who didn't get the wristbands provided that the inventory did not run out by the end of the last time slot. time was 11:20 am, so it would just be another 40 mins and I really did not mind the wait!

so maybe about 30mins into the wait, people started to dash out of the store and I saw a line already forming outside. so that's what they call the special arrangement. you still have to queue up. the store would allow 30 people as a small group to go inside the ring every time and we were given just 5 mins to shop! what'd ya say how I did for 5 mins? not bad huh?

Central H&M

I then realized the trick with shopping for H&M crossover items if you're not up for being the first in line two nights before the sale starts: go to their biggest store / flagship and get there before noon (or the end of the last time slot if shopping is in system) to try out your luck. that's what I did with the last Jimmy Choo x H&M collection and got myself a few pairs of Choos : )

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