Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MO&Co. de Paris - brings high fashion to high street

I came across the brand MO&Co. de Paris from Harper's Bazaar China's nov issue and was captivated by the wonderful styling of the street fashion snaps of three of the hottest Chinese models of the time - Liu Wen, Shu Pei Qin & Emma Pei. they were wearing the brand's designs from their Edition 10 collection.

Shu Pei & Liu Wen

Emma Pei

I did a bit of digging around the net and found that the fashion brand was established about 6 years ago. from their official website, they are a French brand established in Paris but there are sayings also this brand is created in China with an European high fashion style. honestly, I would be more happy if the brand is indeed a Chinese one cuz they have done a really good job with their designs and marketing. quality over geography. 

speaking of the wise choice of models to use to represent their clothes, besides the Chinese supermodels, MO&Co. portrays an international image by featuring Anja Rubik and Freja Beha Erichsen (one of favorites!) in their ad campaigns for the last two seasons. that's directional to the brand's image as the street cool, chic contemporary fashion. 

MO&Co. has an editorial team running their own magazines each season. they have captured all the hits of the trends with versatile styles - masculinity, camel fever, military, furs genuine or fake...

the latest runway show was done in Beijing's 798 D Park for the launch of their Edition 10 collection. It was a star-studded night supported by industry professionals, models and celebrities.  the collection itself are pretty impressive. they all easy luxe clothing for everyday. 

launch of Edition 10 at 798 D Park

the ready-to-wear line boasted of their high fashion design & cutting, paying attention to details and use of fine fabrics. the brand markets itself to be the high fashion with a high street price tag. most of the pieces range from RMB500 - 1,500 (around USD65 - 200) but of course, there are also more pricey leather and mink items if one wants to splurge. some looks from lookbook of MO&Co. autumn collection below, yay or nay?

MO&Co. de Paris is now only available in China but have a feeling its stockists will soon go across the border to HK or beyond. who doesn't love high fashion at affordable prices?

HK fashion icon Winifred Lai blogged about MO&Co. after she went to one of their shop opening: Winifred on MO&Co. de Paris

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