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Thursday, December 2, 2010

NARS Bento Box - OMG François!

my NARS Bento Box has finally arrived! inspired by traditional Japanese theatre makeup, François Nars recalls a trip to the country years ago when he brought back a pot of Kabuki lipstick. and the memory brought about the creation of this limited edition lipstick set NARS launched for the holiday 2010. Mr. Nars visited HK last month and I was lucky to have him sign on my Bento set! Thank you François!

the set has the most exquisite look with two porcelain bowels sitting in a handsome wooden bento box. the colors are highly pigmented lipsticks hand-poured into the bowls in a thin film and set in the perfect shape. the colors are given beautiful Japanese names - Maiko (the bright red) and Sakura (the lovely pink). a traditional looking Kabuki lip brush comes with the set so we can paint the most perfect geisha lips. as for the face of the geisha, François picked fashion muse Daphne Guinness.

so pretty I don't think I'll ever use them

latest from NARS are Beautiful Life & Only You palettes. all colors are classic and popular NARS colors. a pretty good deal if you don't own many NARS and would want to use these palettes as starter kits. I like them for these colors could give you lots of use on different looks and they are compact for travel in a zippered case packaging. being a NARS fans, I decided to get only Only You since I have most of the colors on Beautiful Life.

Beautiful Life

Only You

top row from left - eyeshadows: Alhambra, Mekong, Eurydice, Pandora
bottom from left - face colors: Hungry Hear, Orgasm

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