Friday, January 28, 2011

MAC - Peacocky & Marcel Wanders collections

while I'm still patiently waiting for the arrival of the MAC Wonder Woman collection for spring 2011 to come to HK, I get the Peacocky shadows to play with for now. just by the name of it "Peacocky", I think it's enough to envision what colors to expect.  and that should be a very pretty, exotic one I'm anticipating - highly pigmented, intensely bright in the color spectrum of a peacock feather.

when I get to see the collection myself at the MAC counter yesterday, it didn't blow my mind right then and there. the collection is about eyes and lips - Mega Metal Shadow & Kissable Lipcolor. the colors, at least for those of the eyeshadows, are not as bright and lustrous I'd imagined. I kept looking at the image on the mailer comparing to what I see in front of me...where's the luster? wait until I tried them on...they are pretty true to how they are being described:

"Mega Metal Shadow gleams like chrome, with light-reflecting properties - yet creamy, crease-resistant, vitamin-fortified flexibility."

15 eye colors can be generally grouped as the bold and the neutral. the bold ones are as much as one can get for the peacock colors. the texture is amazing, fine powder yet they are not loose but stick to the skin like cream. the color does come out brighter on skin than in the case. they are shimmery, light-reflective iridescent. it goes on light but very buildable in a few strokes. using a flat synthetic brush to press the color on can enhance the intensity. but if you're after the exact intense effect as seen on the image above, one more MAC product needs to come in before applying the shadow. using Paint Pot underneath as eyeshadow base is the trick, the paler the better.

Centre Stage; Dalliance; Dandizette

Mating Call; Noir Plum; Ego

Paparazz-she; Peek-at-You; Odalisque

Sexpectations; Spectacle of Yourself; Prance

Tweet Me; Unflappable; Top of the Posh

I was told the most popular shadows are Noir Plum, Ego, Odalisque and Dandizette as they are first to be sold out when the collection was launched early jan in the states. I got those 4 and added champagne beige "Peek At You" for changing the shades of the other shadows when worn on top (mostly to lighten for day use) and grey dark brown "Unflappable" as a friendly powder eyeliner shade.

in my shopping basket

I  didn't get any lip colors as I got quite a few of other brands lately but for those who are looking for some intense gloss which won't fade easily or if you're into funky shades, this collection is right for you. the blue gloss is named exactly "Peacocky" and it is true smurf blue, nothing less. not so sure about blue lips? anyway, the colors are mixable to create different shades as they are in creamy gloss form. 

Mega Metal Shadow at HK$185 about US$24, higher in price than regular shadows but they do come in bigger case, like the size of the mineralize eyeshadows for that value.

it seems to me MAC is launching quite a few collections around the same period recently. other than "Peacocky", there are the "MAC + Mickey Contractor" collection (India-inspired colors), "Cham Pale" collection for new year celebration, "Tough Love" the Valentine's Day collection and the earlier launched collaboration with Dutch industrial designer for "MAC & Marcel Wanders" collection. I want to talk a little bit about the Marcel Wanders collection cuz the lineup looks amazing. again for special collaboration, the products are often made in better quality and finer pigments. other perks? the products could be exclusive to the line and it's not available in MAC's permanent line. case in point, this kind of exquisite elegant packaging are keepsakes and is enough reason to trigger our purchase. Wanders said the collection was inspired by great Dutch painter Vermeer and his "Girl with a Pearl Earring". "women paint themselves, then the painter takes his brushes to paint her," Wanders created the packaging based on this painterly connection.

False Lashes mascara
delivers dramatic effect yet clump free

the compact comes with one refill

this is NOT part of the MW collection
Neon Orange lipstick

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