Monday, January 17, 2011

Tron Legacy fashion collaboration

saw the movie last week and was hooked. as the saying goes, Tron is cult, Tron is fashion.

gone were the days when sci-fi / fantasy movies adopt tacky movie merchandises being a cheap poster tee which is seen too often, Tron has many mind blowing designer fashion collaborations which set a new standard.

Opening Ceremony x Tron - a capsule collection that features structured pieces in electric bold shades.

sock boot made of neoprene textured rubber - fun!

Oakley x Tron - will wearing the movie customized 3D glasses give a better 3D experience?

3D Gascan glasses with a price tag of USD150!


Hurley x Tron - the youth lifestyle brand known for its skating and surfing wear launched a range of mens, girls and kids apparel for the movie.

Adidas x Tron - combined with Oryon's patented ELastolite technology of "three dimensional, elastomeric, membranous, flexible electroluminescent lamp"(or glow-in-the-dark for easier comprehension), the sneakers are super cool looking.

photos by Bit Rebels

TomTom x Tron - the L.A jewelry brand Tron collection is made up of spiky, blue lucite / topaz stone pieces. TomTom's Elena Coleman Howell, architect cum designer, has made them so kitschy in a nice fun way.

Jerome Rousseau x Tron - Rousseau is said to be using an original "Tron" poster for inspiration for the shoes even before Disney approached him about the project. the shoe will be available in feb.

the shoe named after Quorra in the movie

Olivia Wilde with Rousseau at Tron pop up shop

Rotenier x Tron - Paris-born New York based jewelry designer Robin Rotenier also designed a collection for men and women for the movie.

Tableaux Vivants x Tron - the design duo known for their love and use of latex is the perfect match to design the capsule collection. tight, tight, tight!

Hayden-Harnett x Tron - when geek meets chic. the Boston based designers at Hayden-Harnett make only 100 of each item from the collection to make even more rare.

Han Cholo x Tron - hardcore rock 'n' roll street designs resulted at cool belts and pendants.


last but not least, music is fashion in Tron. Daft Punk's first movie score and it's fantastically done. didn't you get amused to see them djing at the club scene? love them!

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