Monday, January 10, 2011

a visual dialogue with The Satorialist

I enjoy watching Intel's latest video of Scott Schumann, aka, The Sartorialist. a very genuine reflection of a person who's able to show us what he sees as captivating, charming or simply a special moment that connects with him through his lens. can't agree more that photography is not just about what's fashionable or in trend but real good photo has a voice that speaks for itself.

I've always believed that beauty can be found in anyone, yes, literally in each person when we were given the time and chance to capture it at the right moment. it's never arranged or planned. if you're there when it happens, you'll see what I mean. it's a pity that people come and go and each of us have our own lives to lead. if I spend my day on a train or the street at a corner watching people, fixing my gaze on them, they'd think I'm a pervert. so if I were given the invisible cloak of Harry Potter, I would want to be people gazing all the time.

some of the beautiful people I saw during my trip at Mexico & Cuba:

a little girl outside of Basilica De Gudalupe

musicians taking a break at Plaza Garibaldi

a young chap DJing outside of a shoe store, Merida

father and daughter by the beach of Cancun

mother & daughter, Benjumeda Havana

boy at cigar farm warehouse, Cuba

farmer at Vinales Valley, Vinales

this woman thanked us with bananas in return for the pens we gave to her children

future baseball star?

boy hanging about Cojimar

one of the musicians performed at Las Terrazas, Cojimar

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