Monday, March 7, 2011

Pedder staff sale

treasure finds from recent Pedder warehouse sale:

Alaia ponyskin heels; gold and fluoro bead necklace; Lanvin bag

I can't help but make this post to share my ignorance of the goody goody staff sale of On Pedder until my recent visit to one and had a crazy ransack on the floor. I was told about the seasonal Pedder warehouse sale from time to time and have become immune to the allure of one. in fact, one of those sales couldn't arouse my cheap hunt instinct anymore. until I experienced the difference between a staff sale and a warehouse sale, did I seriously need to kick myself hard for missing out a good bargain. ouch!

the staff sale was opened a day prior to the regular warehouse sale before opening to the public. I only got to go late in the evening (an hour before closing). I had a feeling that most of the goodies were gone by that time but hold... the discount was steep and jaw-dropping. anything from 2010 was up to 60% off and there's an extra 20% off for staff. stocks from 2009 were 60 - 70% off.  if that's not enough to make your wallet bleed immediately, how about buying a pair of designer shoes at HK$200 / US$25; a designer bag for HK$500 / US$64; and a piece of designer accessory at HK$50 / US$6? any stock from 08 or beyond were marked down to this level. seriously, was I seeing the slashed sign right?

in the $200 shoe zone, I saw Miu Miu, Alaia, Louboutin, Serigo Rossi. the fact that most popular sizes were out make perfect sense. I'm sure it was a blast in the morning when the sale opened. I did my search in the little time left and had to line up for almost 30 mins to get the pair for try-on. girls can do anything for a sale, especially for a crazy sale. many were waiting around for their glass slippers well over dinner time.

I left with my treasure finds feeling halfway fulfilled for I didn't get into the full swing of the action from the onset. but then again, how often do I get to participate in a staff sale if I was not gifted with a wondrous staff code? big thanks to PG16xx : )

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