Monday, March 28, 2011

strap fashion for your camera

as much as I am a rookie on the subject of photography and have no right to even pass an opinion on the subject itself, I sometimes would have silly thoughts and ideas about people's love for the art, one of them being how much HK people love to take pictures. we picture the novelty, the random and our food (remember Chinese couples sitting next to your table taking pictures of every dish over dinner?). second notion being if HK has the highest population of people owning professional or semi professional cameras. case in point: I see too often on the street with people carrying a large body, long lens camera as if they are ready to shoot wildlife but it could be just used towards a day in the park with the kids or the girlfriend. thanks to the reintroduction of Lomography in recent years, girls, actually many girls are now bringing a camera with them wherever they go. the cute looking analog cameras are seen almost like a fashion accessory. Who can resist a Diana in its boxy plastic body with a touch of Tiffany blue? there is also a large female fan base growing for DSLRs. for technical reason the camera itself has to be bigger and bulkier in size does not defer the dressing up of the strap for a fashion statement. 

I myself is just about to pick up photography causally (being the opposite of serious really). and before going into learning the tricks and techs, I am compelled to dress up my camera. 

my Sony A55 with SFK brass strap in black leather cover

camera straps by Sarah Frances Kuhn are loved by Susie Bubble of "Stylebubble" and Phil Oh of "Streetpeeper" and many other fashionable people, i.e. the bloggers and editors. there are "The Hanneli", "The Susie Bubble", "The Facehunter" and "The Tommy Ton". I go for the SFK Super Deluxe in black leather.  

being accessories editor at Teen Vogue, Sarah Frances Kuhn has good taste and aesthetic. partnered with Fallon (also I like!), the straps are handmade so they have a personal touch and the hardwares are heavy and substantial. you can select from the existing styles or custom make to your choice. order yours at her blog for now and her official site should be up soon. like SFK? like SFK on fb too. 

*Shey*[B], the camera strap girl creates camera-strap-slipcover to transform the blah DSLR strap or guitar strap into a fun accessory. *Shey*[B] is broadening her DIY product range now to iPad / Kindle covers. follow her on fb.  

for those who appreciate good quality leatherwork and a vibe of vintage leather camera strap and case, leather accessory brand Roberu from Japan offers original leather and canvas camera straps which has a unisex appeal. 


camera manufactures sense the rise of female users, and to tap into their psyche of personalizing the camera in different straps could be the best way to market the products. Canon cooperated with Kan & Lau Design twice to launch the two series of EOS camera straps named "anotherwardrobe" & "HK8logy" for the trendy-minded in HK. 

anotherwardrobe - Love Blossom

anotherwardrobe - Frappe Bliss

HK8logy - heritageHK

HK8logy - festiveHK

HK8logy - markHK

HK8logy - greenHK

myself still prefer small quantity handmade straps made with love. Annie Barton is a small yet original label of leather camera accessories in HK founded by Carmen and Victor. tucked on the 2nd floor of an old building in the lane of Kau U Fong, the shop is furnished with simple vintage wood planks from wall to floor and the space is filled with their products of leather camera straps, watch straps and camera bags. it serves also as a showroom of Victor's other personal interests of as a collector of hi-fi sound systems and vintage cameras and watches. people may think the label was founded back in 1972 but actually they are quite young. they just passed their 1st anniversary. 1972 was the year when Victor was born.

Annie Barton is located at: 2/f, unit A, 6-10 Kau U Fong, Lam's Building, Central, HK

shop Annie Barton online at their eBay store and be a fan of them on fb

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